A Strong Start

Serve America PAC has endorsed 12 military and national service veterans who are running for Congress in 2018. We're excited to announce that they're all off to a strong start, and in the third quarter of 2017, donors helped 7 of the 12 raise more than the incumbents they're challenging! Read on below to learn about what each of the candidates has been up to.

Amy McGrath | 6th District, Kentucky

Amy's inspirational video has excited Americans across the country, and they've pitched in with thousands of grassroots donations, such that Amy was able to raise $771,532 last quarter. She's challenging incumbent Republican Congressman Andy Barr, who collected $300,113 in donations. Amy's career in service – and desire to continue to serve – was covered by the Daily Beast, while Rep. Barr voted against hurricane relief for Americans in disaster-stricken areas.

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Josh Butner | 50th District, California

Josh raised $140,501 in Q3, bringing his total cash on hand (COH) to $231,891 and surpassing the incumbent Republican, Rep. Duncan Hunter, who only raised $91,446. The Daily Beast wrote about Josh's background, including his service as a Navy SEAL, while the local San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Rep. Hunter's campaign spent more on legal fees than they raised in Q3.

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Mikie Sherrill | 11th District, New Jersey

Mikie's donors contributed $441,557 to her campaign in Q3, almost three times the size of Republican Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen's $156,624 raise. She talked with Glamour magazine about her experience serving our country as a Navy pilot and federal prosecutor. Meanwhile, her opponent's support for legislation that would result in millions losing health insurance was met with dissent.

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Jason Crow | 6th District, Colorado

Donations to Jason's campaign totaled $175,556 in the third quarter; his COH now totals $393,332. The Denver-based publication Westword profiled Jason, an Army Ranger, saying he's "making Republicans more than a little nervous." The GOP incumbent in his district, Rep. Mike Coffman, raised $277,705 this quarter, and faced a "tense" town hall with constituents who "pummeled" him for backing the GOP plan to repeal Obamacare.

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Pat Ryan | 19th District, New York

Donations to Pat's campaign totaling $331,478 bested incumbent Rep. John Faso's $274,593 raise in the third quarter. Pat, an Army veteran, is running to represent the district where he's from. Rep. Faso has "taken heat" for voting in favor of the American Health Care Act, a bill the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office determined would cause tens of millions of Americans to lose health insurance.

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Aaron Scheinberg | 2nd District, West Virginia

Aaron's donors contributed $163,096 to his campaign in the third quarter as incumbent Republican Congressman Alex Mooney raised $228,608. Aaron was also endorsed by VoteVets, while Rep. Mooney was hard to find – he hasn't held a town hall meeting with his constituents in nearly 1000 days.

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Chrissy Houlahan | 6th District, Pennsylvania

Chrissy's supporters donated $432,000 to her campaign to challenge Republican Rep. Ryan Costello, who garnered $387,421 in contributions. The "military vet, entrepreneur, and engineer" was profiled by the Philadelphia Citizen, which reported the incumbent, Rep. Costello, is "in trouble," according to a "prominent" local Republican.

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Dan Feehan | 1st District, Minnesota

Donors gave $250,000 to Dan's campaign for the open seat in MN-01, outperforming the leading Republican, James Hagedorn, who collected $100,000. Hagedorn "doesn't shy from Trump," according to the local Post Bulletin. Dan is working hard to earn the votes of constituents, but he's not waiting until after election day to serve his district: read about his community service initiative "Service Saturday".

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Ken Harbaugh | 7th District, Ohio

Ken raised $186,094 in the quarter – more than Republican incumbent Rep. Bob Gibbs, who garnered $177,830. Ken, a former Navy pilot, talked to cleveland.com about his decision to run for Congress, while Rep. Gibbs sang Donald Trump's praises following his first 100 days in office.

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Roger Dean (RD) Huffstetler | 5th District, Virginia

RD was supported by $261,657 in donations in the third quarter, blowing past the incumbent Republican, Rep. Tom Garrett, who only generated $92,330. RD wrote about his service-driven approach to solving problems, while Rep. Garrett tried to explain why he met with an organizer of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville that sparked deadly violence. RD finished the quarter with $450,447 to Rep. Garrett's $85,151.

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Joseph Kopser | 21st District, Texas

Joe's donors contributed $168,029 last quarter, while Republican Rep. Lamar Smith garnered $198,810. The San Antonio express wrote about Joe, who graduated from West Point and has been successful as an entrepreneur since leaving the Army, and his challenge to Rep. Smith, the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, who was found to be promoting false information about climate change.

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Dan McCready | 9th District, North Carolina

Dan's campaign collected $368,249 last quarter, while the incumbent, Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger, only garnered $144,462. Dan now has nearly $700,000 COH to Rep. Pittenger's $263,762. "Prospects are looking brighter for Democrats" in this district, writes the Charlotte Observer, while Rep. Pittenger continues to praise President Trump.

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