On December 19, 227 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to give a tax cut to their wealthy donors and corporate lobbyists.


This tax scam will add over $1 trillion to our national debt. And in just a few years, 53% of Americans will end up paying more in taxes. This bill doesn't invest in the small and growing businesses that are driving job creation in our economy.

It attacks the Affordable Care Act, too, ending the individual mandate. Experts say this will raise insurance premiums by at least 10%.

 It's no surprise that most Americans — nearly 70% — were opposed to this bill.


Serve America is supporting candidates who are running for office to serve their constituents – not the donor class or corporate special interests.


Find out if your Representative voted for this bill that will bankrupt our country to make the rich richer, and learn about the service driven leaders who are running to put people over politics.








North Carolina


  •   Representative Robert Gibbs (OH-07) voted for the tax scam bill. Ken Harbaugh is a Navy pilot, a non-profit executive helping veterans continue to serve by providing relief in disaster zones, and a Democrat challenging Rep. Gibbs in 2018. Chip in to support Ken and other service-driven candidates »



  • Representative Lamar Smith (TX-21) voted for the tax scam bill. Joseph Kopser is a graduate of West Point, an Army veteran, a startup founder, a small business owner, and a Democrat running in this Republican-held district in 2018. Chip in to support Joe and other service-driven candidates »
  • Representative Will Hurd (TX-23) voted for the tax scam bill. Gina Ortiz Jones is a former Air Force intelligence officer, a veteran of the Iraq war, a former economic and national security adviser in the Obama Administration, and a Democrat challenging Rep. Hurd in 2018. Chip in to support Gina and other service-driven candidates »


West Virginia

  •  Representative Alex Mooney (WV-02) voted for the tax scam bill. Aaron Scheinberg is a West Point graduate, an Iraq War veteran, a leader of a non-profit that helps veterans reintegrate through community development, and a Democrat challenging Rep. Mooney in 2018. Chip in to support Aaron and other service-driven candidates »